It’s about time we forget…Or maybe not

People actually believe me when I say that my first year in the US was uneventful! Ha!

I don’t know whether to look back on it as a good experience to remember, or try as hard as I can to forget it. There is been things I sure want to cherish; Jeff’s “EL MELEUEEGYYY!” He pronounced my name in a super weird way that just made it sound funny. Let’s not forget Christian’s “Ahmed, do you wanna make out?” And my usual reply “Christian, you’re not my type.” All these batch perks were such a good cheer whenever I was down.

But then, inevitably, there were some not so nice memories. There was getting stranded in Penn Station for hours. I practically slept on the floor. It was called the lowest point in my life. But I have myself to blame for not quite grasping the American system.

There was getting into a good college, which was nice. But ever since I got into Oberlin, and I got in ED, so I can’t go back, I have wondered whether I was a tad too conservative with the application. I always ask myself whether I could have been accepted somewhere more widely-known. But it’s too late now for this kind of talk. I am gonna move on.

Also, there was my hugely expensive mistake of being too cautious at the start of the year. That really fired back. This year, I probably made fewer friends, and slower than anytime before in my life. I practically spent my first term in my room watching Top Gear, which wasn’t such a smart move.

But there was probably the most expensive, but most enjoyable, mistake of all of them. Her name was Julia. She was slightly spoiled but tried hard not to show it, or maybe she did but I picked up the bare minimum. I liked her, and I guess she liked me back, and we did go out for two weeks (thereabouts), but I made a few mistakes. We were friends since the start of the year, but we started going out in the spring. Because we were friends, we found ourselves committed to each other, and we weren’t really ready for that. It was partially my fault. I saw us moving very fast, almost too fast, and I moved us from just going out to absolutely in love in about 2 or three days. I think I scared her.

We also fought a lot, for some reason. And we had a pretty nasty break-up. Worst of all, she blocked me on facebook, and she posted on tumblr about me. The sequence and strength of these actions really hit hard. It was like having a car crash on a bridge. When you get out of the car to assess the damage and understand what happened, the bridge collapses, just when you try to swim to the top of the river you in, and you succeed. But suddenly a flood hits and you find yourself riding waves over houses and landing in a landfill. It was all to much to handle.

I guess I should probably try to forget the last part. Or maybe remember that Julia was a nice person. Also remember that Christian loved Gossip Girl, Jeff loved Glee, and I made them watch Top Gear 🙂


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