My letter to the company I wanted to intern at

Hello Mr (BLOCKED),

I hope this email finds you well.

I am Ahmed El Meleegy, an Egyptian undergraduate student at (BLOCKED) in OH, USA.

I realize that it is probably a long shot to ask a respected private equity firm like (BLOCKED) for their time to consider me as an intern, but I had to knock on the door if I were to get an answer.

Let me say straight away that my passion for the investment field is what motivated me to email you. I have followed the investment world closely for about 4 years now, which is a much smaller time than anyone working at your firm, but in those 4 years I realized that investment makes a big difference. It changes economies.

Last summer, I interned at a Public Relations firm called (BLOCKED), a leader in the field. While it might not be related to investing, it gave me an idea of what work is like at a respectable, international firm.

I may not boost of perfect GPA, but I can speak of an almost-psychotic devotion to things I am passionate about. I will be willing to work hard for long hours on difficult, stimulating problems. Giving 100% is my personal expectation of myself.

If this sounds like a prospect you would be interested in, feel free to email at (BLOCKED) or call me at (BLOCKED).

Best regards,


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