Morsi’s Idiotic Metaphor

It’s good old Mr President.

Morsi, in the second anniversary of the Egyptian uprising, spoke with enthusiasm about Egypt’s future. His metaphor of choice? He went for a rather creative one. He said, in translation, “Egypt’s progress train is off with speed, and no one can stop it from reaching its goal.” Such a metaphor would have been fine any other time. The only problem with it at this particular time is that more than 80 people (link in Arabic) have died in horrific train accidents in the last three months or so.

Egypt’s train service is in a dismal state, everyone knows that. It was bad before the uprising, and it only worsened after it. It got so bad that it claimed the lives of nearly 60 children late last year. However, Morsi saw it fit to use such a metaphor when celebrating the two-year anniversary of the uprising that toppled his predecessor, Hosni Mubarak.

Yet another incident that shows how just insensitive Morsi is to the sentiments of the public


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