Al Etigah Al Gadeed

I have been toying around with this idea for a few months. A think tank, morphed into an advisory and policy recommendation council. In the current climate of Egyptian politics, our academics need to come together and speak, recommend policy, and advise politicians as one voice. Not that I am myself a respected academic, but I care about this country, and would like to see the bright minds – who aren’t running in parliamentary elections or presidential ones – come together and talk about what the Egyptian government should and shouldn’t do.

This group won’t just talk. It will draft papers, policy recommendations, and reports to advise the government. Al Etigah Al Gadeed, hopefully, will be non-partisan and combine academics from all sectors. That way, it can be inclusive, it will have experts in all fields within its ranks, and will be unbiased in its recommendations.

The motivation behind creating this group is to have a body that people and politicians can trust. The members of this group should have established jobs, as membership of this group doesn’t include any salary or compensation. Further, the group will release its recommendations and advice to the government, out in the open for all those who care to see. Also, it won’t accept work on behalf of any parties as to remain unbiased in its work.

Al Etigah Al Gadeed is surely a non-profit that will accept donations, but not sponsorship. The proceeds will go towards expenses of meetings and running its website and, in the near future, its own office.

I am very, very excited about this idea. I can’t wait to begin talking to academics about joining this group. We need all the minds we can get together to make a difference in this country. My goal is to have between 7 and 10 members by June, 2013, and schedule the first meeting by July.

Work shall commence,


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