Supporting Dictators and Terrorism

Rula Jebreal writes a magnificent article at The Huffington Post that challenges the notion that the US should support Assad, El-Sisi, or their fellow dictators in the messy Middle East because “[e]xtremists and dictators exist in symbiosis.” She argues that US’s very own support of dictators gave birth to the horrors of ISIS and Al-Qaeda, and other extremist movements across the region. For example, she notes that the United States’ failure to squeeze Assad out of power early on in the Syrian Revolution provided the battleground for well-funded extremist groups to operate and assert their control.

She also adds that Iman Al-Zawahari, Al-Qaeda’s leader after the killing of Osama Bin Laden, was tortured in an Egyptian prison during the Mubarak days, and that predictably left him with a single desire, which she calls “transnational jihad.”


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