3.1 A Cyborg Manifesto by Donna Haraway


Post by Pablo Cerdera, Lara Griffin, Ben Miles

“This is a dream not of a common language, but of a powerful infidel heteroglossia.”

  • Donna Haraway, A Cyborg Manifesto

Disclaimer: Donna Haraway’s A Cyborg Manifesto  is an incredibly complex document with concepts that take on multiple meanings and references. It would be impossible to clearly explicate all of the layered meanings Haraway presents in 750 words, so what follows is our best attempt at articulating the points in the article that resonated with us.


One of Haraway’s primary purposes for the concept of the cyborg is to serve as what she calls an “ironic political myth faithful to feminism, socialism, and materialism.” (291) Her faith is expressed in blasphemy, a kind of critique that is not possible without a deep belief in the core orientation of the thing being blasphemed. The idea that dominant Western thought and society is…

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