Obama’s Isolation

Sadly, Barack Obama is isolated, but life isn’t about tot get any easier. After Chuck Hagel resigned from the post of Secretary of Defense. Obama is having a hard time replacing him. According to AP News, the latest of those to get the call to replace Hagel is Homeland Security Secretary Jen Johnson:

Johnson’s decision to stay put at DHS is likely to deepen the impression that the Pentagon post – typically a highly sought-after Cabinet spot -is drawing little interest.

This is a depressing state of affairs in America’s politics. I don’t think the GOP is solely to blame for the increasingly unpopular Congress, and the lack of action on so many fronts – even though they do share some of the blame. But I will say that American politics are coming to the point where the gears simply don’t fit the machine, and aren’t driving it. Sooner or later we will see another debt crisis, another Benghazi, and other scandals that show some fundamental democratic change needs to happen.

Some have pointed out that the one-size (ok, two sizes) fit-all political system doesn’t work anymore, and I think that’s just one of the problems. But it would be a good idea to start there.


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