About Me

Ahmed El Meleegy is a student, thinker (feel free to laugh) and entrepreneur.  

Ahmed has previously worked at IBM as a Product Sales Specialist in Littleton, MA and Chicago, IL. He worked with inside sales teams to enter whitespace accounts, as well as develop tools to be used by the Inside Sales teams.

Ahmed graduated from Oberlin College on May 23, 2016 with a BA in Economics. He also has taken multiple Politics, History, and Religion classes. Furthermore, Ahmed has lately taken a keen interest in Statistics and data analysis. Apart from taking classes at Oberlin, he’s also pursuing the field by working out problems in Statistics and data visualization beyond his knowledge gained at Oberlin College.

Ahmed is originally from Egypt, where he lived until he went to study at the prestigious African Leadership Academy. From there, he went on to study at The Loomis Chafee School, after which he went to Oberlin College.